Winmere Rainbow Dreams (Rainy)


Rainy is a little spitfire!

She is now living the good life with John and Molly Fritch.

Photos updated Sept 2002 show Rainy at 8 mos of age.

Rainy has been a wonderful support to Molly, who was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Rainy had been very concerned about Molly's breast before the cancer was discovered, apparently detecting something was wrong. 

She stayed my Molly's side during her chemo, Molly's loyal guardian!

Winmere Great Expectations, RN, CGC CH Winmere Eternal Flame, HIC Ch Winmere Gunsmoke Ch Winmere Lindy's Chopper
CH Winmere Box Run Ragtime
CH Winmere Dark Ember CH Berena's Tribute to Fa-Fa, SOM
CH Winmere Morgana, CGC
CH Winmere Sweet and Shiny Eyes CH Jopa's Dr Action CH Wagner's Wilverday Famous Amos, SOM
CH Jopa's Twilight Romance, DOM
CH Winmere Holly v Heike Am See Ch Berena's Gemini Splashdown, SOM
Winmere Heike Am Anfang
Winmere Sunny Outlook CH Jamie's Pazazz O'Burks CH Barisle's Special Premium, SOM Ch Mystery's Show BIS, SOM
CH Marburl's Scarlet Cord, DOM
CH Druid Mystery O'Burks CH Golden Haze Tuxedo, SOM
Ch Claremor's Maeva O'Burks
Winmere Enchanted Flame CH Winmere Gunsmoke CH Winmere Lindy's Chopper
CH Winmere Box Run Ragtime
Ch Winmere Dark Ember Ch Berena's Tribute to Fa-Fa, SOM
Ch Winmere Morgana, CGC

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