BenCH Winmere St. Benedict - Ben
Born Feb. 27, 2007

Ben is an exuberant goofball, with many of the same clownish characteristics that his Mother has.

He is also quite handsome, and finished his AKC CH easily.  Thank you to Michael Shepherd and Dottie James for his wins! 

He is clear of SAS per Doppler echo, Clear for ARVC, and a DM carrier.  Other health tests?  Just ask!


AM CH Hawk's American Dream

AM CH Holly Lane 's Spin a Dream

AM CH Schoolmaster's Easter Splash

AM CH Holly Lane 's Flamboyant Carlon SOM

School's Simple Addition DOM

AM CAN CH Holly Lanc's Irish Mist, DOMC

AM CH Shieldmont's Let's Make a Deal, SOM LOM

AM CH Heldenbrand Raven Holly Lane DOM

AM CH Dreamweaver's Black Cherry

AM CH Holly Lane 's Baccarat Teohlin SOM

AM CH Shieldmont's Let's Make a Deal SOM LOM

AM CH Teohlin's Holly Lane Holiday

AM CH Dreamweaver's Simply Red

AM CH Rochil's Grande Marshall SOM LOM

AM CH Lucy's Gold Thread DOM

Winmere Black Eyed Susan, RN OA OAJ OAC NCC OJC TG-N TN-O CGC

AM CH School's Firework's Powerplay

AM CH Shieldmont's Let's Make a Deal SOM LOM

AM CH Shieldmont's Judge N Jury SOM

AM CH Shieldmont's Haunting Haze

School's Simple Addition DOM

AM CH Josan's Future Time SOM

Am CH CJ's Memory Lil O'Schoolmaster

Winmere Tess D'Urbervilles RN CGC

AM CH Winmere Eternal Flame

AM CH Winmere Gunsmoke

AM CH Winmere Dark Ember

AM CH Winmere Sweet and Shiny Eyes

AM CH Jopa's Dr. Action

AM CH Winmere Holly v Heike Am See